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Southern Mobile Network Services cc [Owners of Mobile4u, Southern Mobile and various Nashua Mobile Franchise] is doing its utmost to provide service delivery of the highest standards. That explains why we are one of South Africa's preferred service providers. [Shop from the comfort of your office or home. We serve wherever you are in South Africa.] Client feedback is thus taken very serious. Your input as our valued client is always welcomed so please feel free to send your comments, suggestions etc to our national administrative manager at


>>Date: 2011-10-20 14:56:05
Full Names & Surname: Yvonne Matlhodi Ditabo
Message: Thanks Nathali for the good ervice and quick responses.. you dont fi d service like this especially when doing things online.

>>Date: 18 October 2011 03:12 PM
Full Names & Surname: Ansie Zietsman
Message: I would like to commend the excellent service we received from NATHALI VON HOLLSTEIN. After horrendous service from the Altech Autopage store in Sandton, we decided against Nashua as our service provider for two iPhone 350Anytime, 24month contracts. As a last resort, we decided to contact your customer care line, and fortunately made contact with Nathali. Her product knowledge, customer centric manner and efficiency was exceptional and we are now clients of Nashua mobile. Credit to Nathalie for excellent customer care; you have made advocates of us, which I will relay to friends as well as my firm’s IT teams.

>> Date and time: Fri 2011/01/21 02:21 PM
Full name and surname: Gareth Stones
Message: Thanks a lot, the quick and friendly service is appreciated. Cheers.

>> Date: 2010-08-26 10:50:01
Full Names and Surname: nadene bornman
Message: Thank you so much. I m so excited like a little girl before xmas. Your services are out of this world. This is my first contract phone and am very proud.

>> Date: 2010-07-28 16:53:35
Full Names and Surname: Prince Dunjwa
Message: Please allow me to express my gratitude for an awesome service I am very happy with the manner my application was handled and the way I was kept in the loop with every step. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR AN AWESOME SERVICE

>> Date: 2010-07-16 14:51:31
Full Names and Surname: vaneshree moodley
Message: Thanks for the promply excellent service especially ROCHELLE

>> Date: 2010-06-24 09:21:06
Full Names and Surname: Shawn Ragovan
Message: Thank you very much. I have received my modem, and i am a very happy customer. I give you The Thumbs Up!!!!

>> R For Ming - 1 February 2010

Dear Rallton. I recently obtained a 3G card from the Nashua Mobile store at Carnival Mall. Although there is a Nashua Mobile outlet at the Glen Shopping Centre which is about 7KM from my residence I chose to travel all the way to the Carnival Mall in order to make my purchases which is about 50km from my residence.

Why I chose Nashua Mobile at Carnival Mall is because of the following :-

About a month ago I happened to drop in at Carnival Mall for a quick lunch and happened to pass by the Nashua Mobile outlet. I then decided out of curiosity to pop in and enquire on a 3G card.

Much to my amazement I was treated with utter respect and professionalism and a smile from the staff member assisting me at the time. That I said to me wife if I should decide to go ahead with my purchases I would most definitely come back to this outlet.

When I finely made my mind up we then decided to travel all the way to the Carnival Mall to go ahead with our little purchases. However on arrival the staff member who had attended to me the last time was not in and a said to my wife here we go again. Back to the same sloppy service like everyone else these days wherever one goes.

Well how wrong I was because the person attending to me was YOU and I was treated in the exact same friendly & professional manner.

It is this type of service that makes one walk out of a store feeling good and confident that the person attending to you knows What they are talking about and treats you with respect.

While in the store I also notice how other clients who had walked in were being treated, and I can tell you that they must have felt
The same way that I had felt when I decided to just pop in and ask a question i.e ( SATISFIED).

Well done and keep up the good service.


>> Ros – 26 January 2010
We take this opportunity to commend you for excellent service delivery that you offer. Your staff went the extra mile to accommodate my daughter with her cell phone problem and the assistance you rendered to me regarding my cell phone problem. Keep it up!

>> Chamier – 19 December 2009
Thnks again for your help. Great phone will definitly use your company again, and encourage other clients to use your utilise your services.

>> Abrahams – 05 November 2009
Thank you for your help Nathali. I have never experienced such consistant feedback, help and assistance from a service provider. Wow! Wonderfull!!!

[MANAGEMENT COMMENTS: Thank you for the compliments. It is inspiring and evident of the fact that we are excelling in service delivery. However, we remain humble. We will at all times do our utmost to live up to our slogan: "Taking You Beyond The Future"]