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How To Save Data on your Smartphone

Google has given 5 things you should do right now to conserve mobile data on your Android device

Mobile data remains very expensive in South Africa, and with data hungry applications and websites, data can become a costly monthly item.

Good news is that you can cut down on your data bill by making a few small changes on how you use your smartphone.

Google has provided five simple tips for Android users to “worry less about exceeding your data limit”.

Turn on Chrome Data Saver Mode

Reduce the amount of data used by your Android mobile device or computer by turning on Chrome Data Saver Mode.

From compressing web pages to removing images when loading a page on a slow connection, you’re able to save up to 70% more data.

Data saver

Use offline YouTube videos

Use offline YouTube videos and watch them as often as you like without using data or buffering each time with YouTube Offline.

YouTube Offline

Use Google Maps without using any data

Whether it’s your neighborhood or a weekend getaway destination, there’s a way to use Google Maps without using any data.

Download an area of the world and seamlessly use Maps features like turn-by-turn navigation and access useful location information without a network connection using Google Maps Offline.


Identify and remove data intensive apps

Identify and remove data intensive apps by going to Settings > Data Usage on your Android device. You may be surprised to see data being used by apps you hardly touch.

Data Use

Disable auto-updating apps

Disable auto-updating apps on your Android device by opening Google Play and tapping the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top left of the screen.

Go to Settings > tap Auto-update apps > select Do not auto-update apps or Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi.


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