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Managing your cellphone budget in tough times

Consumers and small businesses should consider investing in mobile technologies that can help them to be more productive and efficient as a strategy for dealing with the economic downturn.
That's according to Chris Scoble, managing director at independent telecommunications service provider, Nashua Mobile. He says that mobile technologies can help people to save time and money by freeing them from their desks and allowing them to use their time productively wherever they are.
Mobile technology means that one doesn't need to waste time and petrol going back to the office to check email between appointments. One is always accessible and can quickly respond to customer queries wherever one is.

Says Scoble: "Mobile technologies allow you to carry all the tools you need to stay in touch in your pocket or briefcase. These tools can help you to weather the economic downturn by improving your customer service or by spending more hours on the road selling and doing billable work and wasting less time in the office."
Mobile Internet access allows one to make use of a range of applications from personal productivity tools such as remote access to calendars and email, up to specialised vertical industry solutions such as vehicle tracking systems and GPRS-enabled point-of-sale devices.
Affordable cellular data bundles, coupled with low-cost notebooks and cellular data cards, are a recession-busting productivity booster for busy professionals. For users that don't want to invest in a notebook, feature-rich smartphones are now available for contract users at reasonable prices, giving them low-cost access to email and the Web.

Says Scoble: "Mobile broadband is the primary engine of growth for the Internet in South Africa, thanks to falling cellular data prices and increasing penetration of affordable data cards and data-ready smartphones into the market. This is not likely to change for the foreseeable future - people have come to understand that mobility tools can help them to save time and money."
Scoble says that smartphones, data cards and cellular data packages tailored to wide range needs are available to South African users, some of which offer a low barrier to entry. He cautions, however, that users must ensure that they choose the right contract and smartphone for their needs since it can be expensive to rectify a mistake.

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