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Agents, Sub Agents - [Processing Procedures - Cellular, Laptops, Modems]

Agents, Subagents - Processing Rules for Cell Phone, Laptop and Modem Contracts

[Any reference to Agent(s) includes Subagent(s) / Marketers / Lead Providers. Southern Mobile includes Mobile4u.]

1. NB - Agent codes will be allocated by Southern Mobile, while companies will allocate their own codes with the company code as prefix. For instance Company + Agent name = Blue-RichT

The agent code and agent name must be inserted in the ticket while failure will lead to forfeiture of commission.

2. No Agent and or Client may contact any of the Southern Mobile’s service providers directly. Failure to comply will be regarded as a serious breach of contract. The Agent will immediately forfeit all commissions outstanding and the Agent’s code with Southern Mobile will be terminated immediately. Southern Mobile reserves the right to decline client’s application and to terminate any and all communication with the client.

3. No agent may require any client to pay for services rendered.

4. No derogative, negative, hate speech, ill mannered comments etcetera will be tolerated on the Southern Mobile ticketing system. Should this not be complied with the ticket will immediately be terminated and so too the agent code. Agents are required to at all times enhance and promote the Southern Mobile brand and products.

5. The information on our systems is confidential and no agent and or client may disclose it to any third party, including the press, media and or internet forums. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the immediate termination of the agent code, the application being declined, while civil and criminal legal proceedings will be instituted.

6. NB - No agent may upload any application for processing by Southern Mobile other than through the following link:

7. NB - Any lead that is uploaded by an agent must be accompanied by the Southern Mobile application form duly completed and signed by the client applying for the product. A copy of the application form is attached to this page. See attachment "ConsumerApplicationForm".

8. Southern Mobile does not accept emailed and or faxed applications from agents unless it was arranged prior to sending.

9. The Southern Mobile / Mobile4u website is for the use of Southern Mobile clients.

10. A lead uploaded may include the email addresses of: The applicant [client], agent and or subagent. In the case of company agents the contact email address of company must also be included. Any email send from our systems will then automatically be copied to all listed email addresses.

11. The only time when it is allowed that an email address of an applicant [client] may be omitted from a ticket is when the client does not have an email address.

12. NB - If an agent receives a copy of our ticketing emails it is the duty of that agent to ensure that the client immediately complies with our instructions as per our ticketing system. And if the client also receives a copy the agent is required to assist the client to comply with Southern Mobile instructions as per our ticketing system. However, in the first place it is the duty of the applicant [client] to comply with our instructions.

13. The first email an Agent and applicant [client] will receive is a confirmation email that also contains the ticket tracking number. This number should be used to monitor the application and to communicate with our case managers. Southern Mobile does not communicate with Agents and clients on active tickets other than through the Southern Mobile ticketing system.

14. Any agent who uploads a lead other than prescribed in this document will forfeit the lead and forfeit all outstanding commission, but in addition the agent code will be terminated immediately.

15. At all times when an application is uploaded the agent and or subagent will receive a ticket code to monitor the relevant lead. This code will also be emailed to the agent and or subagent.

16. Although Southern Mobile will effect payment of all commissions and will do its utmost to assist agents and it is in the first place the duty of agents to monitor its clients and to invoice Southern Mobile. A lead not invoiced within 60 days of finalisation, by agents, will be regarded as a lead forfeited.

17. Southern Mobile does not facilitate separate billing. Thus Subagents must work through their Agents and Agents through master facilitators / employers, for example companies will facilitate the billing of their Agents failing of which Southern Mobile is exonerated from any claims. Southern Mobile will only facilitate those Agents that have signed the Southern Mobile agreement and that received an agent code from Southern Mobile.

18. Agents are required to comply with the instructions of Southern Mobile’s case managers.


1. Agents are not in the employment of the Southern Mobile Enterprise and are freelance Agents. They operate at their own risk, time and money, and are responsible for their own taxes and indemnify Southern Mobile against any and all claims.

2. Agents will receive commission subject to the following:

2.1 That the application / purchase order was successfully processed by Southern Mobile and its Service Providers;

2.2 That payment of the loan amount or delivery of a product or service, as the case may be, was successfully effected to the client;

2.3 That Southern Mobile has received its commission from the relevant Service Provider or has received, as the case may be, its payment from the relevant client failing of which Southern Money is exonerated against any and all claims;

2.4 That Southern Mobile has 7 days, calculated from the date the said commission / payments were received, to liquidate agent / lead commission;

2.5 That no advance payments will be made;

2.6 That no payments will be made without reconciliation and it being invoiced to Southern Mobile. Invoices not received within 60 days from date of approval will not be paid out. Agents must immediately invoice the Enterprise once the deal was finalized;

2.7 That commission is subject to market forces and changes and it being capped by service providers. It must be remembered that commission may also vary from service provider to service provided.

3. That the Terms and Conditions of Service Providers and Southern Mobile apply. Agents operate subject to the rules and regulations of Southern Mobile and its service providers.

4. That the Agent Agreement may be terminated by either party for no reason, without any obligation and with immediate effect.

5. That client information and transaction and Southern Mobile operations are confidential and that it may not be disclosed. Please refer to your main agreement and non-disclosure agreement.

6. Continued use of the Southern Mobile systems means that agents agree to comply with the terms and conditions contained in this document. No exceptions will be tolerated.

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